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How better to control a medium then by simply banning it?

People will adapt-- they'll build tunnels, use proxies, etc. They'll do it just like they do any other blocked content, if they really want to. Just watch-- China, or a Chinese interest, will develop an exclusive to China VOIP solution.

Wait until they start rolling out IPv9. Things will get REALLY fun then...


VOIP is voice over IP ... data transfer is, inevitably, from Chinese ISPs out to the rest of the world via Internet backbones. Government-run proxes and such can block unwanted transfer at its roots.


yup, they can just decide to block any package that doesn't come from an allowed host for example.
That's exactly how corporate firewalls often work.
Or block specific protocols.
Or both.


How can they stop someone from using it???

I dont think they can!!!!!!!

Technically, you're correct. If someone REALLY wanted to get it through, they could, using trusted host networks and anonymous proxies. But, as other posters have mentioned, on the whole, it's going to be impossible for the undetermined to use.

Bottom line, the majority of people who would have used it because they thought it was "neat" simply won't use it. The people who are bound and determined to use it will figure out some way to do it, or switch to a different technology.

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