Helo every one
please tell me anybody where is the save a rar zip file password
we download a rar file and it is a password protect
we use many softwares but we cannot find his password
i think if we use a rar or zip file password then we cannot recover his password another system
beacause his setting in another system or save backup in real computer

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@pytony --- This is tagged "crack password illegal." So this is not legal. So please delete this thread and report the user.


I wanted to give chance for OP to respond and defend himself. Or realize what he was doing.


Hmmm... he is not showing up. Fifty six posts-quite a frequent post rate for a newbie. Of all those fifty six posts, only one post here. So there are two things that can happen:-

  1. He posted here and became too busy posting in the other thread, not visiting this one. (not so probable)
  2. He posted here, saw your reply, saw that you are a moderator and decided to stay away from this thread. (probable)

What would you do if he showed up? If I was a moderator, I would just give him a warning and let him go. I do not think any of his other posts are illegal/offensive.

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