Not literally an addict, but do you spend most of your free time doing things that involve a computer or the internet? Or do you still allocate ample time to whatever other things you might enjoy, for instance, reading, movies, concerts, sports, etc.?

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I have just spent a week in the Gwydyr Forest (North Wales, UK) where there was no Internet and no mobile phone signal and, while I did miss chatting with DaniWeb members, I didn't really miss being disconnected in this way. In fact, I enjoyed it. However, I am very glad to be back online again. Not sure if this means I am an addict or not though...


Llyn Gwynant Campsite is a good campsite, it has it's own lake that you can rent kayaks to use on the lake too.

I'd rather be outdoors whether it be going to the local climbing wall, camping or just going the pub but finding the time, people and weather (which isn't often in N/W England) so i spend alot of time (more than i'd like to) online on a games console etc.


Internet has already ruined my life. I have stopped doing my regular exercise, haven't played ball in ages and i spend most of my day in front of a computer (at work and at home). I'm not sure though if it is because I can't play which is why i spend it in front o the computer or I spend too much time with the computer that I don't have time to play anymore. Nonetheless, the internet has both ruined and improved my life. :)

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