Time to dump Internet Explorer for something safer?

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Another day, another IE flaw! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Internet Explorer water (mainly as Microsoft told you it was after releasing yet another patch to fix yet another vulnerability) comes the news that actually, would you believe it, but Internet Explorer still isn't safe.

According to Jorge Luis Alvarez Medina, a security consultant at Core Security Technologies, who will reveal all at the Washington Black Hat conference next month the Microsoft browser is at risk to not one serious hole but rather a set of minor vulnerabilities that can linked together to exploit remote access to your data.

Microsoft has not been available for comment on the matter, although I'm guessing that will change as the brown stuff hits the fan in the coming days. I commented recently on how to activate God Mode for Windows 7 but maybe what we really need is a God Mode for browsing. Ah yes, I have it and it's called using Firefox, or Chrome or pretty much anything other than Internet Explorer right now.

Especially when, according to respected British journalist Jack Schofield of The Guardian, Microsoft apparently knew about the IE vulnerability it has just patched way back in September 2009. Sigh.

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While I don't disagree that IE is pretty insecure, it still isn't the worst. All browsers have had a major flaw or two in their lifetimes. It's the nature of computer programs. I like IE, but I prefer Firefox (and lately, Chrome) due to it's speed and superior rendering engines.

No problem pointing the flaws in something, just like all the facts to be shown on the competition, as well! :)

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MS deserves their black eye. Any time a vulnerability is found in FF the criticism and fud is spread thick and heavy for 12 months and a day. Even if the fix is in the next day.

MS has a vulnerabiltiy it's ohwell, all browsers can be vulnerable, and the story gets burried to protect them.

I think the cat's out of the bag now though, the cost is just way too high for people, corporations, and nations to blow off. At least with free software, as soon as a vulnerability is found it gets worked on or you can plan around it. With IE, you have no idea how long the vulnerabilty has been out there and exploited, or whether they just sat on it and decided to do nothing because they aren't honest or open about their vulnerbilities.

I'll stick with the free crowd.

olatunbosun 0 Newbie Poster

yes, it too local time to change it

ChrisBuchanan 0 Newbie Poster

I also have dumped IE8, basically because it doesn't work very well. I'm happy with Firefox and Safari. The only time I have to return to IE8 is for its Page/ Open ftp site in IE function. Can anyone get Firefox or Safari to do the same thing?

jwmore73 0 Newbie Poster

Yeah; I'm with ChrisBuchanan. How do we get around the proprietary lockout of some servers, like HP.com, who won't let you download except with i.e.? I prefer Chrome, but I have to keep i.e. just to access some servers on the web. What's up with that?

mhanry 1 Light Poster

Yes i am agree with all the comments and i have already dumped it for a long time ... i don't use it ....... i usually like Chrome and Fireforx.

OliviaSSLGuru -2 Junior Poster in Training

Most of the users have dumped ie. But, the reason why ms is still coming up with upgrades and new versions is because ie is the industry choice. I know quite a few people who still have to use ie9 in their companies.

jingda 135 Industrious Poster Featured Poster

Yup, and i would recommend firefox and chorme. Firefox is fast while google chrome are able to translate language. Damn it , how i wish firefox should have that feature as well.

jyoticse804 0 Newbie Poster

Same to me@Hanry. i also like to use Firefox & Chrome. Specially Firefox. I feel much much better using these two than explorer.

aken23 0 Newbie Poster

IE problem . Bad security bungles in IE have been around since about IE 3. I suggest you use anything except IE. Microsoft seem unwilling to fix the problem and customers are starting to change operating systems. I use FF4 & Ubuntu 11.04.

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Anything that lets a web site download and run an ActiveX control is unsuitable for web browsing, IMO. It is too difficult to keep your Internet Settings configured to deal with all the cruft out there. So, I ONLY use IE to get updates and stuff from Microsoft directly. Everything else on the net I get to via Firefox or Chrome. Chrome is definitely a better performer, but I've read reports that FF 4.0 has closed the performance gap at this time - don't know since I haven't used it yet.

M1n1m@l1$t 0 Newbie Poster

anybody ever heard about Opera it is a wonderful browser

rubberman 1,355 Nearly a Posting Virtuoso Featured Poster

anybody ever heard about Opera it is a wonderful browser

Yes. It has a very good reputation although I haven't used it myself. These days I am running Chrome, currently at version 12.0+.

M1n1m@l1$t 0 Newbie Poster

chrome is a good one too though sometimes it is more strict than other. I suppose if you looking for security than it is a good choice. but in my opinion that sometimes gets annoying.

jingda 135 Industrious Poster Featured Poster

Opera is fast but there are a lot of browsers having the same speed as opera. For mac i use Sunrise and Safari and for windows i use Google Chrome.

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