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I bet some crazy people are going to predict that the world would end again.... and again... and again (every year).


The best part is that the world didn't come to an end in December :)

I'm not which was worse.

Back in 2000, people was saying that the world will lose all it's energy and everyone lives like the StoneAges.

Now in 2012, people think the world will end and everyone will died.

I don't think there will be an other apocalypse anytime soon.

Happy New Year! To eVeryone. Too.


It wasn't a happy new year for those that believed that the world was going to end... but for others it was a Happy new year :)


HNY - well at least it is now. Now that I've gotten over the effects of it. It was bad, really bad. Bailey's, Rum, Beer, Red Wine, Champagne, Cava, Port, various spirits - I can't remember - and 3 hours of screaming at SingStar. Somebody scooped out the inside of my head and put a rough-hewn lump of granite in its place. I also had my alimentary canal attached to some sort of geyser that went off at regular intervals. Not Old Faithful... Just Old. :(

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