Hello, I am posting from a prompt for joining Daniweb. I am very much ignorant to the world of programming, but I aim to reverse that as best as I can.

I am taking Introduction to Programming in C at my school, and I am taking the course for Python on Codecademy.

I hope to develop my skills comptetently enough to build games and eventually work in computer forensics.

Obviously, my main passion is videogames, and I want to be as good at creating them as I am playing them... actually I want to be much better than that!

Hello and welcome!


Keep up on reading the forum threads, and you'll learn a lot about programming and a lot of other useful information as well! Welcome to the forums, Code!

Yes, this is now my favorite forum. The wealth of information is insane.

I have been reading up on Coding Horror (the book) and I am beginning to understand the kind of dedication necessary to be an accomplished and responsible programmer.

There are many things I have taken interest only to shortly find out that I don't have the will to spend my life doing it and improving. Programming is one of the few interests of mine that has yet to wane, and instead grows stronger with every little new victory.

Definitely, I know that I have found something worthwhile when I enjoy reading about it as much as doing it.