What do other experts in ageing say?
"When testosterone is lacking, the demand for amino acids to support cell proliferation and muscle-building is decreased, and it's thought that the body then shifts the use of these basic building blocks towards cellular defence and stress resistance," says Holly Brown-Borg, who studies ageing at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. She guesses that the eunuchs were smaller and less muscular, with lower levels of cancer and heart disease.

I hope you're not suggesting young men get casterated!

I would prefer to live a few years less... over castration. Thanks.

Yikes! I think I will pass on that. I have avoided going in for something as simple as a prostrate exam.
Now I have to worry about this?! I sure hope my doctor doesn't bring this up as a way to prolong my life.

Like the story of the guy getting his physical exam. Asks the doctor, "will I live a long time?"
Doctor: Do you smoke?
Patient: No.
D: Do you drink?
P: No.
D: Do you cavort with women?
P: No.
D: Then what the heck to you want to live a long life for?

Can castration really prolong a man's life?

No, most certainly not. How am I so sure? For the last 6 years or so my best friend has been suffering from a number of negative side effects due to hideously low testosterone (he's only 33) including but not limited to:

  • Osteopenia bordering on osteoporosis
  • High cholesterol
  • Unchecked weight gain
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Intense fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Vertigo
  • Weakened immune system

None of these are conducive to a prolonged life.

Funnily =) Try to swap "Unchecked weight gain" and "Low testosterone"...

Try to swap "Unchecked weight gain" and "Low testosterone"...

As much as I try, that whole cause and effect thing gets in the way. I find it hard to believe that weight gain would have caused low testosterone when the diagnosis of low testosterone came long before the weight gain. And there's no doubt that some of the weight is due to inactivity from fatigue, but he wasn't exactly a hummingbird in terms of activity prior to when all of the symptoms started to manifest.

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Castration - chemical, mechanical or otherwise seems pretty terminal to me.

She guesses that the eunuchs were smaller and less muscular, with lower levels of cancer and heart disease.

Why is it that the Emperor's / Sheik's (fill in your own term) harem - in films - are always shown being protected by a huge f-off mutha of a eunuch? Artistic licence maybe. Can't see anything artistic about separating your meat from your two veg though.

AFAIK, Eunuchs had their knackers lopped off at an older age - so body won't change too much - as compared to the poor castrati. Perhaps the eunuchs were so effective because their would-be attackers were distracted by the size of the man-boobs facing them. Who knows.

Some sources report a 15 year increase in lifespan. BUT from when? Can you have it done at say, 85 when your penis has started growing back into your body anyway, so you probably won't miss the old grapefruits? "Lop 'em off doc, I'll make a hundred yet!"

And, as you can imagine, the eunuchs must have been popular with the harem girls. There was absolutely no risk of pregnancy.