Hi ,

I am a beginner of android programming. I built an application which is working fine.. but when i modify the source code( i mean that activity.xml which is inside layout folder) the output is not getting effected when i run the app second time.. i mean previous output is being displayed eventhough i modify the source code (for ex. adding a new button in source code is not getting effected in output) ..

this question may seem stupid but i really dont know what's going wrong as i am new to android prog...

Plz help..


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You should use clean build option. For Eclipse you can find the rebuild option under Project > Clean and then select the project you want to clean up. This will build your project and create a new bin folder. (or give try to IntelliJ IDEA community version, it does all this automatically)

i did what you said. i tried the rebuild option but its the same output again.. I dont understand why the output is not changing even though there are no errors...I want to show you the output as video but unfortunately i cant upload here.

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