I've always found this bit difficult, and therefore I was wondering what others do in regards to the topic of Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies and legal mumbo jumbo.
The cost of hiring a lawyer to write such legal information for websites is often extremely expensive and therefore it isn't normally practical for a small independant developers to justify it, however you still need them to protect you from the potential problems that may result from malpractice from your users, and from any approaching third party.

The internet is becoming a legal minefield, and it getting more and more difficult to remain protected.

Do you guys write them yourself, use one of those free online templates or do you actually pay for a lawyer?

Thanks in advance.

Check out EULAlyzer at I am not sure if it will help you but the program will search any EULA for 'interesting' wording.

At the moment I'm using this: which I think shall do. If the website begins to generate some revenue then I shall consider getting one done professionally, but until then I think that shall be fine.