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I have to code essentially what would mimic a std::map. I have a templated pair class, and a table class.

I am given two tables, transition and action table, which are attached.

Basically, I suppose to code a security system, where a door opens after someone punches in the combination BAAD. Anything else will sound the alarm.

I understand the concept, but I do not understand how to create a mapping of the table.

Below in the header file, int (*Mapping)( Key k); I cannot figure out how I would map key to value using the action and transition table.

Please ask if I need to supply anymore information,


Table Header File:

#ifndef  TABLE_H
#define  TABLE_H

#include <iostream>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <string>

#include "pair.h"    // Pair class

using namespace std;

// implements a table containing key/value pairs.
// a table does not contain multiple copies of the same item.
// types T and Key must have a default constructor

template < class Key, typename T >
class Table

Table();  //default constructor
~Table(); //destructor
 typedef Key key_type;
 // for  convenience

 // table implemented using a one dimensional array of key-value pairs
 int tableSize;
 Pair< key_type, T > *the_table;

 int (*Mapping)( Key k);
 // Mapping is a function which maps keys to
 // an array index; ie a key to address mapping
 // the idea is that Mapping will act on a given key
 // in such a way as to return the relative postion
 // in the sequence at which we expect to find the key
 // Mapping will be used in the remove, add, lookup. =
 // member functions and copy constructor


 // for debugging
 void   print();

 Table( int n, int (*map)( Key k)  );
 // map is a function to map key to address
 // in the implementation
 // set the function ie have the code line
 // Mapping = map;
 // populates table with default values
 // for the class Key and T

 bool insert(  Pair<  Key, T >  kvpair );
 // return true if item could be added to the
 // table false if item was not added.

 bool remove(  const Key  aKey );
 // erase the key/value pair with the specified key
 // from the table and return if successful
 // removed item is replaced with default
 // values for Key and T

 T  lookUp (const Key aKey) ;
 // what if key not in table??

 //need copy constructor
 //need destructor

 // void operator= ( const Table & initTable );

 // bool empty() const;
 // is the table empty?
 // bool full() const;
 // is the table full?
 // int size() const;
 // return the number of elements in the table
 // bool isIn(const Key& key) const;
 // returns true/false in response to obvious question


#include "table.t"

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