My name is Guille and I'm a beginner in programming.
I've been reading VB.NET books and now I have to start my own VB.NET project but, I don't know where start.

Your advice will be appreciated!

Here is my pseudocode.

Calendar Application

Admin process to update the Event Calendar

1. Login page
a. Admin username/password

b. If error then Admin is not authorize

c. Send an Email to John requesting access

d. John sends Email to Betty for Admin access

2. Menu page
a. List of the Days of Events

b. Add Events Link

c. Edit Events Link

3. Add / Edit Events pages
a. Event Form

b. Confirm

c. Edit

d. Submit

e. Cancel

4. Redirect to Menu
Please help.

Thanks, G

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Hi, I understand this is your first post but you should post this in the correct forum. There's one for VB already.

I would also like to point out that people don't like to solve homework unless they see some effort. It's better that you refer to some book, if you want to start learning VB .NET or visit MSDN website. If you are looking for ideas of going about your problem, a good way is to post some of your ideas and see what others have to say.

Best of luck with your assignment. :)

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