I am so very frustrated right now. (As I'm sure everyone on here is) Here's the problem: My D drive was working just fine. The only software I have recently installed was by SanDisk to operate a newly purchased MP3 player. All the software did (I think) was up grade my windows media player to version 10. Now, when I put a CD in here's what happens--The little cd icon appears by the "pointer", I don't hear the disk spinning in the drive, I double click on the D drive icon and it gives me a message stating "Please insert disk into drive D:." when in fact it's already there. Incidentally, when I try to burn off media player it says that no device can be detected. I went to device manager and it says it's there and enabled. If anyone has advice on this it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. ;)

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Hi Neracher,

Welcome, and thank you for reposting your question in the appropriate tech forum. :)


I have had a similar problem as the last post on a pc. Why is this the wrong forum?


Because this is the community introductions forum, a place to say hello to everyone else and not a place to ask tech questions.

The previous posting was in the wrong place as well. The reply to it even thanks him for reposting in the correct forum, which he was probably asked to do via PM by the looks of it.

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