Here I am again with my next sql problem. I'm not sure if I can use insert into for what I need. What I want to do is the following.
My tables

I have tblreminder with userid workid workdate
I have tbluser with userid and username

My textbox
I have txtuser


I want to add new record to tblreminder
tblreminder.userid = select userid from tbluser where username = txtuser

Here is my code that's not working

adoreminder.RecordSource = "INSERT INTO tblreminder(user-id) SELECT FROM tbluser WHERE tbluser.Name = '" & txtname.Text & "'"

Can anybody help me?

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adoreminder.RecordSource="INSERT INTO tblreminder(userid)(SELECT FROM tbluser WHERE tbluser.Name = '" & txtname.Text & "')";

if not put a duoblequote on the subquery,like this:

adoreminder.RecordSource="INSERT INTO tblreminder(userid)("SELECT FROM tbluser WHERE tbluser.Name = '" & txtname.Text & "'")";

the first gives me syntax error at runtime
the second gives me error already when I leave the row

Hi PlusPlus,

What is AdoReminder....?
if it is a Connection object, then use Execute method..


adoreminder.Execute = "INSERT INTO tblreminder([user-id]) SELECT FROM tbluser WHERE tbluser.Name = '" & txtname.Text & "'"

Wrap complicated column names with square breackets.. (- in ur case)
always UnderScore ( _ ) is better than -


commented: doesn't only help to get your project working, but also teaches along the way +1

adoreminder is adodc and it doesn't recognize execute. I have code that's working with two ado, I thought I can do it in one, but I can't get it right. Here is my code with two ados that's working.
Can you help to put it into one(if that's more correct)

adouser.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM tbluser WHERE Name = '" & txtname.Text & "'"
If adouser.Recordset.EOF = True Then
Call MsgBox("Kontrollieren Sie den Namen", , "Ungültiger Name")
Exit Sub
End If
adoreminder.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM tblreminder"
adoreminder.Recordset("User-Id") = adouser.Recordset("id")
adoreminder.Recordset("Bau-Id") = frmBaukalender.adobau.Recordset("ID")
adoreminder.Recordset("Erinnerungsdatum") = MonthView1.Value
adoreminder.Recordset("Notizen") = txtNotiz.Text


ADODC acts as a Combination of Connection Object+ Recordset object,
"Insert Into " Statements are executed on the Connection /Command Object, It cannot support these statements.
Even if your Statement is correct, you will get error.. Just use a onnection object and execute it..


what do you mean by connection object

Thanks,I got it. Just one more question, is it not good to do it the way I did (with two ado), and why?


Data Controls, may be OK, for beginners, but when you are developing complete Client-Server system, you need to have a Robust connection object, which you can have shared throught out your whole project ( multiple Forms).. Data Controls are Form Level.. Though you can access in other forms also. But having a Connection Object can give more flexibility in writing Execute Statements(DML Statements to any Table). It works on the database as whole, where as DataControls work on Table-/SQL Statemnt level.


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