Hi there,
Thank you for accepting me within your community
My name is Bernard, I'm a French-speaking Belgian citizen living and working in Thailand since December 2003.
I'm not an IT expert. I've been using VBA since Excel supports it (Excel 5-1995?).
I work here as a school administrator and wrote a comprehensive Client Server application in VB6-ADODB-SQL-MS Jet. Why VB6, because I knew VBA. The program is named SMART for School Management Application for Registrars and Teachers. That's the reason why I used to visit this website where I could find very usefull information. I'm now in the process of upgrading to VB.Net and MS SQL Server, using ADO.net. In fact, I have to re-write almost everything. I work with Option Explicit and Option Strict On. I also refuse to import VB and use tricks like VB.Left$(MyString,2) for instance.
VB.net= MyString.Substring(MyString.Length - 2, 2) and so on. If there's some interest for it, I could upload a module giving all servers on a LAN and creating the connection string for the database. I could not find anything like that on the web.
My database is a Jet 4.0 database (Access) upgraded to MS SQL Server database.

Welcome to Daniweb, Cybernard!

Have a look throught our Software Develpoment forums, get to know the other memers who frequent those forums... and enjoy!