Hi everybody!!
I'm starting with asp.net and i would like to try my code online.. can you advise me some free hosting for asp.net with the possibility to use sql server?


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If you google you'll find some, although am not to sure about how trustworthy they are. Most repectable hosts only allow a trial period.

I've used somee in the past for free asp.net. It's fine for testing.

You'll find that its hard to find free asp.net hosting sites compared to other sites that provide free PHP.

Thanks to all of you!!!

Free isn't always the best bet even for development testing. Consider an unmanaged VPS on a month to month basis.

I wouldnt recommend for free hosting too. I always think how they pay their expense if they provide free hosting. My client using http://www.asphostportal.com for .net hosting. My client found them from Microsoft site. Their price seems affordable.

Ofcourse sir you can do it.It is more compatible software if you are doing hosting with sqlserver because microsoft technology mostly compatible with sqlserver the best web host in the market, fast servers and unlimited ..I came across one company which is providing the best hosting facilities that is myasp.net which deals mainly with hosting related information ... keep it up!

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