I want to store my databases only on RAM. I see that in MySQL server I can choose the "MEMORY" engine and the table with be stored only in the RAM. How about MS SQL Server? How can that be done there?

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Yes, you can use the MEMORY engine, If you are using Linux then mount your database in tmpfs

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If you keep your database in RAM then you could set it up for replication to a database on disk so that you would have a permanent version in case of failure. As an alternative to configuring the DBMS to use RAM, you can also create a RAMDISK, then create that particular database on the RAMDISK. One option is a free program from SoftPerfect which is available here. One of the options with this program is to make the disk permanent. With the permanent option, when you unmount the disk, the contents are saved to an image file which is reloaded when you remount the RAMDISK. This would be appropriate if your application is not required 24x7.

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