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I've played a LOT of minecraft over the past few years, and this is quite a big deal for me.
Personally, I can't help but feel a little bit concerned.

In a statement, Microsoft said it would maintain Minecraft across all its existing platforms, with a "commitment to nurture and grow it long into the future".

In an announcement confirming the deal on its website, Mojang reassured gamers, saying: "Please remember that the future of Minecraft and you - the community - are extremely important to everyone involved. If you take one thing away from this post, let it be that."

Any thoughs about this?

I have a feeling that they are going to jack up MC for all other types of devices.
They will make their products of MineCraft more superior, and get more sales of their products that way. This includes special offes, blocks, etc.

Yeah, the only likely downside will be they may optimize it to work on their own devices (Xbox, PCs, etc..) to the detriment of its efficiency on other devices (Playstation, Macs, etc..).

Mojang bought by microsoft for $2.5 - thoughts?

Why, that's less than the cost of a license! Surely you mean $2.5 billion?

Given that MC was inspired by other games, I'm surprised Microsoft with its wealth of talent hasn't invested in producing an MC inspired game. I could have done it for half the cost, in case you're listening Bill.

And many moons ago Notch hinted that he'd consider giving MC away for free. Does anyone else remember that, or is my memory glitchy?

So all Microsoft had to do was be patient. Have they completely lost the plot?

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tbh I think minecraft as a product started dying long ago.

It's got to the point where youtubers, who gave mojang all that free advertising, have stopped playing it.

I don't think minecraft will last long imo.

Windows 9 will lose menus altogether, you will have to dig for applications etc...

I think that this whole idea was a screw up. Windows just wants the extra profit, ALL to them. Including a rise in sales on their devices due to superior MC.

Windows is an operating system. It's actually Microsoft that is out to make a profit. Darn those corporations, how dare they!

I didn't play yet MineCraft. I played Minesweeper and it is really interesting to find out hidden bombs.

MC and Mine sweeper are very different

Its better to buy a product that has been already established, this way you can maximize on the the profits. I mean if MC has 1,000,000 users and your buy for 2.5billion.. You can create a mulitple upgrades for $20, and if everyone upgraded you will get 20million. Do that 10x's and you get 200 million. Keep going for the span of 10 years and your profits will continue to rise. If you created a new product that, you would have the risk of not having a huge demographics and having a product that fails.

I too find this unsettling.. soem say that minecraft is dead and I agree for the most part.. however there are still those like myself that enjoy exercising our minds with minecraft... I used to build love messages to my best friend whom I had a crush on.

Microsoft has bought up games in the past and simply stopped development.
"Age of Empires" sticks out in my lame brain. I always though that game had quite a potential.

I agree with you vegaseat... I play age of empires three and enjoy it greatly

Seeing as this thread remains alive, if the price in the title is correct I reckon Microsoft paid precisely two dollars too much...

I can't speak for the vanilla game (which I couldn't care less about), but the modding community is alive and well. (FTB, anyone?) That's what I'm worried M$ will kill.