Hi, I studied Java last year in university but I found it rather difficult - mainly because I made it difficult for myself by not studying as much - but hey. I've been working on a console-based "game" with the language and I've just had a hit of inspiration to start it up again.
However, I was just wondering if - being new to programmer and the world of phone development - it would be possible to do it as a console based, or whether I would have to make a simple GUI?
I've got the start of the app written up and you can do a few dummy runs without any problems so if it is possible, I can just convert it over.
Thanks for any help.

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Well you will need to show at least 2 UI components main text area where game would display info and an input field to get user input for decisions in the game. Wouldn't you...

Well I wasn't exactly sure whether or not it could open up a terminal or not. I'm new to developing and I'm new to the OS.

Adding on what peter budo has said, if you want to develop an Android app, then you will have to learn the Android view components, such as TextView, EditText, etc... Even to make a console type game, then you will have to use them to implement a console.

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