Hello everyone, I am new to the website! I've looked over the different forums and I think I'm in a dilemma. In my past (1996) I went to college to learn "Computer Service Technology", and in those classes I was taught Qbasic, Visual Basic, and a little bit of C (of course all but the basics of those classes are forgotten).

The problem I'm facing is that I'm not sure which language I would like to dive into. I don’t know much about the different languages to make a sound judgment on which one I would be happy learning. I know the very basics of programming such as if, whileif, loop, and, or, andif, else, ifelse. That is the basics that are still in my head.

I'm searching for a language that will help me with my career, not be a dead language ( or is not used that much), that I will enjoy for years to come, and I would be able to do mostly whatever I would like with it.

Thank you very much for anyone’s input, and a big thank you for such a great site!


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Welcome to community , any OO language is in demand now adays and many years to come I GUESS!!, so goodluck.


Thanks everyone! I I've decided to venture the path of C++. I've read a few forum posts, and the language really interests me.

I currently have no beginner problems that I can think of, so I'm guessing I'll just make silly small applications to do small stuff, such as a dice roller, or a card shuffler to begin with. I'm not sure how hard these small things could be, but I'm eager to find out!

Thanks again for the welcome

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