Can you dig it! In the midst of the hostage situation in downtown Sydney, Uber was charging $100 to get to safety plus 4 times normal milage. I know - they claimed it was an accident of 'surge-pricing' but that was the 2nd or 3rd explanation not the first. One wonder how they would have dealt with 9/11 and/or any of the east coast huricanes.

Outrage reached critical proportions quickly resulting in the promise of free rides and refunds for those who already paid. Sigh!

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Aside from the price gouging (which they have done before), they have also

  1. Denied responsibility for drivers by claiming they are contractors, not employees
  2. Interfered with an attempt by Lyft to attract investors
  3. Threatened to smear reporters
  4. Called in fake rides to tie up drivers from the competition
  5. Charged more to ensure you won't be raped or murdered by their drivers
  6. Allowed their drivers to turn away blind passengers

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It gets better! Ubber is now charging a $2.00 booking fee in New York City! Life is good.

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