Im looking for a way to be able to send out over 100,000+ emails a day. How do websites that have over 2,300,000 subscribers do that when they are posting a couple of articles a week?

Any software, plugins, code out there im missing?


There are various articles which you can use but i usually use for my clients mailchip. There are 100 of widgests also available the best thing to choose the tool is to first research on your competetiors, what they are doing. Which tool they are using, what is there strength.

Not to mention, you are asking this on a forum that is (mostly) read by coders. So the next answer shouldn't come as too big a surprise.

It is far from difficult to write your own application that does just that.
The question is, do you really want to. Sending out 100.000+ mails daily, looks an awfull lot like spam.

I have a blog where I want an email subscriber list. I have a VPS that I can use. There are tons of widgets but they usually limit the amount of emails per day.

I want to send out about 4 recently posted articles a week to the subscribers emails