Hello all, I haven't joined a forum in probably 10 years. I am joining this one, actually because I had issues with the sister site, programmingforums.org Apparently my account is in limbo there (activated, but not approved by a moderator). Originally, when attempting to join the other site, it was with the intention of getting feedback about projects I ahve done. I have been reviewing dozens if not 100 of my past projects, and seeing which ones I should or could release open source.

I am very busy, wife, 2 kids, job, side projects, etc. So I'm not the guy who will make a hundred posts here (I don't think). That used to be me, but now and days, I value my time too much.

I'm affraid to offer this, because my guess is that my inbox will be flooded, with simple questions where people didn't due there do diligents in research, but if anyone does ever get stumped here in Python or PHP, I can likely answer it. Please just make sure you've tried google and the community here first.


Your mailbox should be fine, as we encourage people to both post questions and answers in the relevant forums so that everyone can benefit from the solutions offered.