really funny =)
a brown bear with balalaika, on the the table a bottle of vodka, behind them a rocket

In the best of its part Russian society is ill. mentally.

not that
80% of them are absolutely indifferent to global problems

you'd loose very much not to visiting Russia as a tourist
Nobel Prize winner Feynman dreamt to visit Tuva

I myself dream to visit any places of Russia, but alas
I visited only Moscow, Minsk, St.Peterburg, Creamean
It's all.

But not in landscapes the thing is.
People - that's the point.
They'd learn you to drink "samogonka" etc
You'd convinced how this people are peacefull.

We, Russians, gifted the civilizaton with the hope of equality, friendship, internationalism.
We lost the war, but in the long run we win it.

I'm jobless from 2007.
From Oct 2014 to Mar 2015 I was in two hospitals, constantly.
Its doctors literally save me.
And I paid for it nothing.
Nothing. Absolutely.
Think of it.

No wonder the Ruble is down.

Some needful remarks:

I'm jobless not because I can't find a job, but because I simply don't want to work (and partially because I catched TB of both lungs). Actually there is (here, in Belarus) a lot of vacancies for IT public.

On some Russian IT forum I'm counted there as an ardent rusophobe (what is total rubbish) and was banned there for a dozen of occasions. Pity they are absolutely intolerant to foreign opinions.

There may be a lot of vacancies for IT,
There is TB,
a disease that is not quite eradicated, but it is not endemic, outside of russia

in the civilised world only 1 country does not have social medicine,
not sure whether that counts as a civilised country, because it has no social medicine