I didn't join now but this is my first post. Because, I joined Daniweb 6 years ago, but never posted. (Okay, seems I did post 16 times in 2008. :D)

So, you can re-welcome me if you like. I'm from India and have been into puters since more than a decade.

I have a few questions and couldn't find a generic programming forum I could post them, so posting them here.

  1. Which site would you guys recommend for web development and programming courses? (I'm thinking to start with front end development)

  2. I'm also thinking to join a programming class. Would I learn better that way (in company of other people, physically)?

  3. If I go for an online course, what kind of subscription would be ideal - one year or more than that?

  4. Which online course site would you recommend?

Thanks and I hope to remain active on Daniweb, now on.

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Thanks @happygeek. Will do.

Nice to see you're still here aster 7 years. :)

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deboogeek: make that 9 years... :)

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Actually, I'm here after 8 years. So, it's nearly a decade you've been happily coding. Great!
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