My name is Michael and I am a Dutch PHP developer.
I started with Python a week ago but I can't find many places where I can go when I'm stuck or just ask something. I hope this place is what I'm looking for to learn Python better. Are there Dutch Python users on this forum? (For easier communication)

I will post my Python code soon, cause I still have a lot of questionmarks. But the good thing is that I already have a working executable (yay!) but it has some performance issues. It is slow and hangs (Not responding).



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Welcome Maikel,
You'll find there is a good range of skilled programmers on here, Python isn't my thing (beyond the basics) so you might not hear from me too often.
But, regardless, welcome. It's good to have you.


Welcome to DaniWeb.

Are there Dutch Python users on this forum? (For easier communication)

Forum language is English, so do not post questions in Dutch. When using private messages you're free to do as you please, language wise.


@hericles, thank you! What are your skills?

@pritaeas, thank you! Offcourse I will post my questions in English, but you understand that it is easier to explain things in your first language. So I was curious or there where many Dutch people on this forum and maybe some who works with Python.

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