This is a question for the Daniweb members from the UK.

In North America we have seen a number of Americanized versions of British comedies. "Til Death Do Us Part" became "All in the Family". "Steptoe & Son" became "Sanford & Son", "Man About the House" became (the much inferior) "Three's Company". Here in Canada we also had access to original, unAmericanized British imports.

I'd like to know what North American sitcoms (if any) were ever adapted for British television, and what sitcoms aired unmodified? Which ones were the most popular?

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Some that currently aired unchanged are: Big Bang Theory, Will and Grace, and 2 Broke Girls. I think previously Sienfield, and Friends were aired. I don't know of any American sitcoms that have been re-made for the UK.


Not in the UK, but watched Taxi in The Netherlands a looooooong time ago.

Hill Street Blues comes to mind... (although not a sitcom)

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