I recently purchased a new Vizio 55" LED 1080p tv but I'm having trouble connection my Nintendo 64 to it. The red & white audio cable are working fine and I'm getting all of the audio but there is not yellow port on my new tv for the N64's yellow wire. The tv does have a green and blue port and when I connect the N64's yellow wire into the tv's green port the images shows up but it's black and white and scrolling upward. On my last tv this red, white, & yellow N64 wires into red, white, green tv ports worked fine, it was also a 1080p just not LED. Any ideas? I thought I might try this device out as a solution. Does anyone know if it would work? -> http://a.co/cwOdJ3r

Connect to the port that has the b/w image then somewhere in the TV menus there's a component/composite setting. You want composite, it is currently set to component.

I contacted Vizio and they said that there is not setting to switch back and forth between component and composite. They said that the ports were interchangeable between component and composite wires and everything should work fine. So I guess I'm SOL. I tried a red, white, yellow to hdmi but that didn't work either. :(
Thanks for your help.

One more question, why does my thread have a 'sponsored' logo beside it?

Hey Lew, can you find the user manual for me to check out?

That's not a nice link. I do read that the composite input is shared with the component inputs but this manual omitted how to change the input from component to composite.

"Need help installing the TV? Refer to the printed Quick Start Guide"

Maybe the composite input and setting is in the other manual? It should be the same as connecting a DVD player.