Hello everybody. I came upon this forum when I was actually looking for an answer to fix my pc upon the error of Generic Host Process Win32 error.

Just tried one of the sollution given by 'somebody' to download this program from http://www.firewallleaktester.com/wwdc.htm. If I'm correct, this helps to close up some of the available ports.

I'm actually testing my internet connection now. 35 over mins online without the error interuption so far.

Lets just see if I can finish this brief self intro. I work as a gaming dealer in a casino when I 1st came out. Had my interest on computer. Bought one, 133, with win95.

Yeah, those were the old days. Had my entertainment, work, bad time, which is also learning time on this thing called computer when I had to fix my problem pc.

Took a Diploma computer studies cource, but again, most of the real trick were not taught in college. Hard to believe they actually charge so expensive for all the simple, theory stuff.

I did non IT related job, and went into telco industry for few years. Glad to say, now I'm in one of the major IT products distribution company in Malaysia, - http://www.dpaper.com.my. We don't sell everything, but it did represent some of the biggest and best companies in the world to distribute their IT & business products.

I'm not totally a beginner, but again, there's a lot more to learn from all the expert out there. Lets hope this is a place where we can all share and interact with each other.

It seems that the given sollution really works on this Generic Host Process Win32 error. I'm still connected with no error msg popping up.

Ok, whoever happen to be experiencing the same problem I had, give this sollution (the URL I pasted above) a try. Good day!

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Hi kaifoong, welcome to DaniWeb. Glad somebody here has been able to help you out with your problem. Hang around long enough and you can maybe return the favour one day?

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