Good Day one and all,

I am final year MCA student. I want to do one mini project in this semester. I know VB, VB.NET. I already done a student management system for a school. Now i need a good project title to do in this semester. can anyone give me a good project title in VB.NET.

A class generator.

INPUT connection string and table name.
OUTPUT a .vb class file with members, insert/update/delete methods for the given table

so if you had in the db

line1 varchar(32)
line2 varchar(32)

your generator would produce:

class address

private line1 as string
private line2 as string

public InsertAddress()
     Dim sql as string
     sql = "insert into address(line1, line2) values('" & line1 & "','" & line2 & "')"
end sub
end class

I'm a c# programmer so you'll have to excuse my rubbish VB syntax but you get the idea I hope.

This will not only give you a project for your studies, but will have real use for you in the real world afterwards.


You can develop a module of ERP which is currently hot in the IT market. This will help you to appear for ERP related job interviews. Develop a module like Accounting/ Inventory using and SQL server 2000/2005 with a focus on database connections using, OOPs Programming, multi-tier architercture and reporting.

For your information, the Title:"Develop an accounting package using Visual basic and SQL sever 2000 (Client/Server) can give you a headstart.


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