Name: Jim Nic Name: Big Jim Age: 40 Eyes: yes Hair: Gray atleast whats left. Weight: Refer to nick name Hight: 6'1 Employment: I am an Residential Electrican. Hobbies: Keepin my computer up and running. Working with wood. Listening to music. Family functions. And just about anything I put my mind to. I am married and have a 14 year old daughter. Music: Anything country and classic rock. I will listen to almost anything as long as it is not head banging or gangster rap. Food: Anthing that wont eat me first. Beverage: SWEET TEA. Dislikes: People who have there nose in the air and think thay are some how better than everyone elts.

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SWEET TEA! Ye gods man, get a grip, tea must be green, without milk and certainly no sugar :)

Welcome to DaniWeb, my strange sweet beverage loving friend.

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