Who has seen Casino Royale, its great

Daniel Craig is excellent as bond and the film is excellent (except for the poker game goes on for too long and when you think its finished, it hasnt)

Also, its too violent to be a 12A in my opinion - there was lots of like 8 year olds there whos parents took them out during the torture scene and the stairwell fights (US audiences, i think these scense have been changed for you)

85% methinks

any opinions?

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I thought the David Niven original all those years abck (showing my age now) was better. Less need for special fx when you have truly superb actors.

As for the current film, thought the tap dancing penguin was better overall - as did a lot of folk if the opening weekend box office take is anything to go by.

You may have guessed that I am sitting here stroking my furry cat while typing this :twisted:


i liked him (i thaught david niven was crap actor)
sean connery and roger moore rock

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