Please also give your hearty congratulations and warmest welcome to the latest DaniWeb Featured Writer, roryt.

Rory has been devoting time to putting together some excellent tutorials for the benefit of the community here, and for this reason richly deserves Featured Writer status.

Check out some of his latest tutorials such as Transparent Navigation in Photoshop, Photoshop Tutorial - Interface Style Content Box and Styling Text Fields With CSS and HTML.

If you would like to become a Featured Writer yourself, all you have to do is prove your worth by submitting high quality tutorials as Rory has done. Take care to follow the same formatting and layout as existing tutorials, check your spelling and ensure the tutorial is all your own work (no copying from other sites or straight out of a textbook please) before submitting though!

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I just had a peek at some of those tutorials, and I have to say they look pretty good... :) Thank you roryt for all your hard work in creating and giving these tutorials to DaniWeb. You deserve the Featured Writer title!


Congrats Roryt, hope you keep submitting your tuts to help newbies out....:D

PS: BTW Joey I didn't know you had a blog let alone the fact that you have become a featured blogger....;) Congrats on that one.

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