i found this site by accident looking to address a problem i had with my pc , so i liked the look of this site and decided to join , i wouldnt describe myself as a computer geek rather like a nosey busy body that likes to know the ins and outs of everything , i am single , 4 kids from 2 failed relationships , moving to the wrong side of 40 this year grrrrr , i have recently just completed ECDL course to give me some background into using office applications etc and now currently i have thrown myself into the deep end with enrolling in a CIW web design course through skillstrain some of the stuff is pretty frightning but i am sure with the help of this site i will gain more than enough knowledge to see me through this course , my ambitions (yes i can have them at 40 lol) is to do web design professionally , i have dabbled with frontpage to make my first one a year back but it was very basic but give me a bit background into it and i like meddling with photoshop . :cool:

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no i hate the things lol i have used flymo and lawnmowerman for about 4 years on different sites as it was the only usernames i could think of and they are work related how sad is that lmao :)

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