...but it's time I aligned myself with a community of people who can save me from myself, as I know just enough about computers to be dangerous! Yet, I have this dogged determination to resolve every problem, while working with extremely limited resources.

I am the single mom to a beautiful, bright, way too energetic boy, and also a fulltime college student; double major in Advertising & Graphic Design and Fine Arts. I am also 40-something, so energy is another of my limited resources!

We presently reside in North Carolina, about 30 mls south of Raleigh, but I was born & raised & lived in the Tri-state area until 10 yrs ago, and will most likely return to NY before too long.

My computer system is a hodge-podge of hand-me-down components, too slow processor, dial-up, Windows & Microsoft '98 (which is no longer supported as of July 2006), and a 2nd tower loaded with all my graphics software that I view on an itty-bitty monitor!

But I do keep plugging on. I recently had to install several updates/patches for an online math course, & the ol' gal didn't care too much for the changes, so I've been attempting to fix & restore to optimize its performance, (chuckling as I type that)! We'll see...

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