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I was at the infamous concert where he got down on one knee to start Hound Dog, and said :I think I just ripped my pants!" He sang 3 songs, then called the Gospel group on stage while he changed.

That was the second concert I saw.


I dont thnk he did. I think he only ever came for like an hour after he came back from germany with the army


I wonder why there is so much confusion over him being alive or not....

What happend exactly to him?? --- I still see people saying they think he is alive somewhere or something.......


I saw one of his last concerts in May 1977 at the University of Michigan. He was old and puffy looking from all the steroids, but his singing had not suffered. He was only able to do half a show. Despite all of this the show was dynamite.

His final performance was in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977. He died less than a month later.

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