Hi all, I had to buy a new laptop because in the old one the Lcd screen get broken.

I use it for work so I have bought a very good one, with large screen and high performances, but there is Windows Vista installed (In the old one there was xp).

The problem is that if I run the same macro in both the pc the new one is 9 time more slow than the old one: the old pc took 10 second and the new one 90.

I have tried with program for benchmark calculation and the new pc has been very fast.

I have only got problem with the macro but it simply orders a list with 9000 rows and 8 columns.

I have reinstalled office and the sp1 but nothing.

The problem is that this excel file will grow up but I can't downgrade to xp for driver and warranty problem.

Does anyone know why vista is so slow using the macro and how can I fix it?

Thank you very much

What version of Office are you running? Is Office fully updated?

What version of Office are you running? Is Office fully updated?

office 2007 sp1 smo

meanwhile thanks


Machine Specs?
Vista service pack level?

windows vista home premium sp1
antivirus avast 4.8 home edition
cpu duo t7500
ram 2048mb
hd 250gb


Check for garbage programs that might be installed and startup withsystem

was too slow again... also new

have you checked those garbages? Many times these ready made PC/Laps comes with garbage of softs and you need to uninstall them manually. If you want to make it easy: Use revo uninstaller for free or Uninstaller! 2006 for $

To disable things upon start up, follow these instructions.



Or you can use Revo Uninstaller. It hav Got special feature for startup. Also Anvir Task manager should be able to do it

In the same PC with Windows Vista as operating system I have virtually installed Windows Xp using virtual pc.

In both the O.S I have installed Office 2007 Sp1.
I have copied the same excel file that consist in a long list of phrases inside the cells with a macro that orders it and measure the time that it takes.

What do you think it happens?

Vista: 25,18 seconds
Xp: 1.84 seconds

Xp is 14 times faster!!!

So, I have done some tests copying only the values or erasing the columns format and I have reached a conclusion: only one column gave me the problem, the column with text on more rows.

Erasing only the format of this column the macro execution time pass from 25 seconds to 0.28, almost 100 time faster!!! ("Word wrapping" option the macro slow down a lot but only with Vista operating system)

Anyone of you know the reason?
Thank you anyway.

Vista is a slow system hog. XP is fast and doesn't use up resources like Vista does.

That is why it's slow, it's vista.


Adding some RAM should boost your PC and prevent use of HDD as temp memory when RAM is used by Hungry resource beautiful vista

Vista is supposed to have a slow boot

It loads all your commonly used stuff into ram at boot. Thats why it eats memory. The benefit is when you use one of these cached programs it is much faster