please i am a final year student in one of the universities in UK and and i am developing a school portal for a secondary school as my final year project and the portal b/c of time i have narrowed to down the scope of the project to only handle the parent accessing their children records ,the teachers being able to input and edit data in the students record and for them also to check the up and down of the performances of the students but i am having errors on the code i have attached the code with the message could some one please help out with this school management system

I voted "very urgent please".

Perhaps if you post the code here in [code]

[/code] tags people will be a little more inclined to look at it.

What is with the poll?

*shrug* Who knows? I just voted that apparently he thinks this is urgent (my own feelings of urgency may differ).

lol you have to give him an A for creativity

17 views so far and I'm the only one who voted. :-/

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I'll help you out, Ezzaral. I voted for the option at the top. I'm still not sure what ugent means, though. *also shrugs*

I still don't get the poll.
What does it mean if I vote the first and what does it mean if I vote the second?

I voted help me out because I thought the poll was about my mental health.

I'm still not sure what ugent means, though. *also shrugs*

urgent means: I've been eating a lot of beans and just figured out I ran out of toilet paper.

as for the starter of this thread, I've read the description of what you want to accomplish, if you are in your last year, this should be somewhat piece of cake ( but since you prefer beans...)
you added some code in attachment.
1. no, I will not download and read it, post it here in code tags
2. if that is all your code, you are bound to fail the hell. don't understand how it's possible how you got passed the first year :/
I take it somewhere sometime during your course it was mentioned that Java is Object Oriented, not?

>> Edit:
you forgot one option in your poll.. it's one of my favourite quotes from Jeff Dunham's Walter-doll..

I don't give a damn, dumbass

if this is urgent to you, it just shows you waited far too long to start working on it.

one big class.
I hope you get your answer as soon as possible.