Is it ethical for Home Depot to post an 8 X 10 color glossy in
a department of one of their new stores boasting "We will beat
any price of (Competitor not named here ):lol: "

Secondly, is anything known about the business plan that
Home Depot executes upon opening a new store in a new area?
If such a business plan exists, for how long is it adhered to in a
new area?

Thanks! in advance for any assistance

Window Girl

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Sorry, but this thread has nothing to do with IT Careers or Corporate Computing. It will be moved to the Geek's Lounge. Also, your strange inquiry makes me think that you have some sort of grudge against them. You a spy or something? LOL.

There's nothing unethical about their claim that they can "Beat Any Price." How do you see it? As far as your second question, I don't know. It's strange that you're asking for this in a tech forum.


Their is nothing legally wrong with this marketing strategy. They could lose money if they didn't do a disclaimer of "no clearance items", "no half price sales", etc. Personally though I have to applaud their willingness to take on another competitior directly. That takes chutzpah.

As for your second item. Most businesses guard their business plan zealously. If it was general knowledge others could use it against them, or in competition with them. Good luck on finding it, although I would hope they do have it carefully guarded.

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