Im thinking of getting a new graphics card temporally untill i build a new system next year. Since my 42 inch tv just died, which i primarly used for xbox, would the 9600xt all-in-wonder let me play xbox on my lcd? and more importantly would it look good and not pixalated...i have seen the tv on a regular 9600 all-in-wonder and it looked pretty good. Has anyone hooked up a xbox to it and does it look good?

well, the 9600 AIW is by no means the latest and greatest - the good thing about that is ofcourse you'll be paying accordinly which makes it more affordable.

I bought my 9600 AIW when they first came out and of course they are a lot more affordable now; but it still holds its own in gaming and regular computing functions. You can find one at Newegg for instance for under $150 - check it out at

If you pop another ATI TV card like the ATI TV Wonder PRO; then you would be able to do PIP or even tape two channels at the same time. Not too shabby for an ol' computer if you ask me.


ok i think im gonna order one in a week or so. im gonna get the 9600 xt tho because it has fm radio too which none of the others do. Thanks

and... uhm.. how often would you use the fm radio?


i would use it enough...i like the fact that its a newer verson of the card, and it has more potential for overclocking

"Meanwhile, the ATI takes things much further with the All-in-Wonder 9600 ($199), and strips down the card: no FM tuner, slower GPU, TSOP memory packages, a passive cooling system, plus swapping a Remote Wonder II for a Remote Wonder. The software package of the All-in-Wonder 9600 remains basically the same as the All-in-Wonder 9600 XT (Pinnacle Studio 8, muvee AutoProducer, and Matchware Mediator 7), minus the Mediator 7."

ill take the 45$ hit for that seeing that xt sells for 190 and the regular is for 145...besides if im not mistaken they are two different cores also, but i could be wrong

Maybe something like this?

i read about that when it first came out and almost bought one then, but i forgot all about that till you mentioned it...i think i will go that route! thanks CM!

Yeah it looks like the best bet.

BTW, when you plug in an XBOX or DVD to an AIW card is it good quality? I bought an AverMedia TVBox5 to watch cable tv on my CRT and if I plug my XBOX on it the quality is not very good, somewhat blurred.

works great for me - xbox works great for me, a buddy of mine is PS2 guy and it works great for him - his is a 9800 AIW I believe where I'm currently using my 9600 AIW.


The thing I dont like about that though is that your computer must be turned on when using AIW card...

well yeah - it is a video card after all... i think (!) viewsonic had an addon box for $100 or so a while back.. but I dont know if its still out there or not.


Well I dont really want to buy it. I already have my TVBox since last year and dont plan to buy another... If I would have known maybe I would have informed myself a bit more b4 buying.

thanks for all the replies guys, i think im gonna go with the AIW now since i need a new graphics card anyways and you said it worked good on a ps2. Thanks!

i have an AIW 9600 but i have no idea how to use my xbox...i have the ATI connector thing and i use that to connect to the xbox but where do i go from there? any help would be great :cheesy:

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