I have a PC using a PCI adapter Microsoft MN-130 and a laptop using a Linksys wireless card and a linksys router which then connects to my DSL Modem. My home network works for the most part. Both computers can access the internet and both computers can see each other in my network manager. I can access the files on the laptop from the PC, but my problem is that I can't access the files on the PC from the laptop. I get the message equivalent of 'I don't have proper permissions to access the PC. Access denied.' I have shared the folders correctly on the PC though. I have read articles for the past week and have tried about everything I can think of, but am missing something. I have tried turning on and off the Windows Firewall, but no luck. Any ideas?

If at run you type \\pcname or \\ipaddress (using the other PCs name or ipaddress) do you see the base level file for that PC. The folder should contain Printers and Faxes and Scheduled tasks at the least.

If you have any shared files configured, they should be here. Let us know how this works.

Make sure you configure everyone in the properties and give at least read permissions.

If it is the firewall, it should notify you I would of thought, and I would advise you configure WEP encryption if you are sharing files over a semi-wireless network.

If I type \\pcname I get the same error 'Access Denied.' However when I typed \\pcname\shared folder name I was able to see the folder. This is great because at least now I am connected and can access files if I look for them specifically. Is there any reason you can think of that I am not able to browse shared files in network neighborhood or explorer? Thanks for your help.

You may get some luck if you give them the same workgroup name.

Best thing to do is to run the Network setup Wizard, (I can't remember where it is because I'm on XP Pro at work)

I've got to set up some shared files on my XP home PCs on the weekend, so if I can think of anything else will let you know.

Following on from MartyMcFly's suggestion you can set up your network in XPHome from a few places, this is the same for all computers on the network - from MyNetworkPlaces in your start menu (or from Control Panel - Network Connections) navigate to Network Tasks then - Set up a home or small office network and follow the wizard instructions using the same workgroup name - default is MSHOME. I have never bothered with creating a network disk. I also allocate fixed IP addresses for W/LAN computers then use the router management to associate MAC address with IP address and use WPA-PSK encryption.

I am having the exact same problem. I get access denied when trying to access my desktop shared files but the desktop can see my laptop's files ok. Only when I go run \\pcname\shared folder name can I access the folder. I did have Roxio 5 basic but deleted it after failing to upgrade. This has made no difference. Can anyone help?

follow garycib's instructions for a start.

follow garycib's instructions for a start.

Already did that that's why I'm still asking for ideas or suggestions.

hello everybody,

i am having the same problem setting up a home network using xp Home edition.

i have 2 computers, a dell and a HP. connects to the Belkin wireless router.

the dell connects to the router by a CAT5 network cable, while the HP connects wireless to the router, and both can access to the internet.

i am trying to setup a home network so i can transfer files between the 2 pcs

i ran the network setup wizard on both computers; but i cannot even see the other computer from "My network place" in each of the computer; i have shared some folders in both computers, but the problem is i can't even see the other computer, in both pcs.

any idea what has gone wrong ?

You can find out the name of your PC by right clicking My Computer and looking at Properties, it is under computer name tab.

Then on the other pc Run in Start menu "\\pcname" (without " and where pcname is the other PCs name, or IP address)

This will show all available shares on that PC. If you can see any and access them, think about security before putting too much in there. If access is denied, it will bring up a box with account and password required where you put username - pcname\username then password for the account on the PC you are trying to access.

As per my earlier stuff, make sure you have the same workgroup name.

I will try and update this post with some better info.