Just need a geek to explain to me why on PCAnywhere, VNC or even Remote Desktop, you have know an IP address, but if you use software such as GoToMyPc.com you do not. I just can't find anything specific explaining this. Thanks for your time.

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from the security whitepaper:

Many other solutions require servers to receive incoming packets at a public IP address. The GoToMyPC host establishes a persistent TCP connection to the GoToMyPC broker (poll.gotomypc.com) that allows it to be notified if any connect requests have been received. The host will attempt to keep the connection open by sending TCP “keep alive” packets approximately every 60 seconds. This makes GoToMyPC completely compatible with application proxy firewalls, dynamic IP addresses and network/port address translation (NAT/PAT).


You should know that there are different remote access methods such as direct connection and account connection. With the direct connection, the user should know the exact IP address of the other computer in order to be able to connect. The account connection method makes it possible to connect to any computer without knowing its IP address, bypassing any router/firewall. As far as I know, Remote Desktop supports only direct connections. GoToMYPC and PC File Transfer work both with direct and account connections.

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