Facebook expects social web

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Interesting news - Facebook is expecting the Web to become more social and is issuing its developers with code to enable them to take part in this change.

The owners - Zuckerberg et al - are saying that this will improve the way things are because people aren't using their friends in searches, their Internet isn't orienting itself around their contacts.

Well, quite.

But what they haven't demonstrated or substantiated is even more interesting. Namely that people don't necessarily want to orient their Internet experience around things and people they already know. When someone does a search it's generally for something they don't already regard as common knowledge - frankly if I want to know something from one of my friends, I'll ask them.

The task facing Facebook now is that it has to define this new social web and explain why anyone is going to find it useful. It's logical, of course, that if you were searching for a book on a subject, or a website on the same, you might well want something other like-minded people had found useful.

If this is what they mean, fine. But it might not be - and it needs more than a journalist speculating about what a social web could actually be before someone actually starts looking at seriously as the Next Big Thing.

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Facebook is really become a hub of all internet users. I completely agree with Zuckerberg et al and would like to say thanks as he want to do some searching implement in the facebook. Now facebook will become more user friendly.

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