hi everyone! sorry for not introducing myself. for being rude. well, i am from the philippines, i think you know it already. i'm not that good, meaning a professional in programming i'm just a newbie, still learning many things, i am hoping to know a lot from all of you guys. you seem tough and tough as to mean tough in programming like you know pretty badly many stuffs.

i know just a bit about computers, and i want to know as many as i can. i use vb6 and c, i just know basics about assembly. i am in depth of studying about the powerful features of c. after it, i'll be turning to c++ and then to java.

there are lots of programming languages already available and i want to know them all with your help of course.


As newbie to newbie, Welcome. I hope you find what you're looking for in Dani-Web.

Hi there,I'm also from the philippines also.San ka sa Pinas?Welcome!!!

I just found your note tonight--What gave you the idea I'm from the Philippines? I didn't say where I was from, just that I live in a rural community. For the meanshile, I'd rather not disclose where I live--it might be cause for unnecessary points of discussion. I'm didn't join DaniWeb to discuss politics.
But-most important, thanks for your welcome!