I stumbled across this forum as I attempted to fix a (still unresolved) problem with a pc I built myself and decided to join to share with you all my experiences and hopefully help some people to avoid the myriad of pitfalls that can befall anyone trying to use a computer.
My backround is in systems implementations using mostly NT/2000/XP servers over local and wde area networks but mostly software systems for accounting.
I have built several pcs and had to manage several networks from 5 user to 50 user.
I use the internet quite a lot for info and pleasure (the gaming kind)

I get severely peed off with people who cannot "get" why something should work especialy if its cost hard earned cash.

I am often accused at home of spending more time tinkering with my pc's than with the family and this forum will probably just get my ear bent even more.

Hopefully I have learnt enough over the last few years (I can still remember some DOS commands and Windows 3) to be able to contribute here and hopefully my hours of cursing at stupid computers that I cant fix wil be lessened.

So Greetings to you all


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welcome abord
You have reached the right place for knowledge shairing.
Here you will find a vast resource of related topics and code.
Feel free to post more doubts/questions in the forum.
But before that give a try from your side and if possible try to post what/how you have approached to solve the problem.
It will help Experts in the forum in solving/underestanding your problem in a better way.

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