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Hello from Texas,
I am new to your community but look forward to participating.
>>>Question:How do I delete a .dll from c:\ ?
I was having error messages with my KERNEL32.DLL (it is not .exe), so I thought, OK, I will just go to DLL DOWNLOAD and get a fresh copy. I copied the dll into C:\WINDOWS and thought all would be OK.(it copied to C:\) B I G M I S T A K E. I realized it said language =Swedish, but, like a dummy, I thought, since it also said KERNEL32.DLL, it would be okay to overwrite the existing .dll. WRONG. I needed the English version. I have since done a Recovery of my OS (Win ME) from my CDs but now I have (2) entries of KERNEL32.DLL, i.e. (1) under C:\
and (1) under C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.
If anyone can provide step by step instructions how to delete this dll from C:\, it would be Greatly Appreciated. Regards, FES

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Well, so to speak, I stepped up to the bar, shut down my computer to DOS. Changed prompt A: to C: and typed in dir/w to verify location of the KERNEL32.DLL. Then at the C: prompt, I typed del c:\kernel32.dll /p. The goof I made has been removed and all is well.

So all is back to normal then?

Yes. Thank you for your post.

And thank you for the update. :)

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