Hi All.My nane is Keith.I'm a geriatric computer addict who knows almost nothing about them.I came across this excellent site whilst roaming the web looking for a solution to a "beep on startup" problem my computer has developed since a recent upgrade.I don't know whether this is the right forum for this discussion so I'll get to know the site before I jump in.Best wishes to all of you.

welcome abord
You have reached the right place for knowledge shairing.
Here you will find a vast resource of related topics and code.
Feel free to post more doubts/questions in the forum.
But before that give a try from your side and if possible try to post what/how you have approached to solve the problem.
It will help Experts in the forum in solving/underestanding your problem in a better way.

Thanks Dabasis.I recently updated as follows.
Motherboard Gigabyte 81865GME-775-RH. CPU Pentium Duo core 2.8G
PSU Antec Neo HE 430 watt
Video Card Leadtek 7600GS
Sound Card On Board
RAM 2 sticks DDR400 running dual channel
HD 80 Gig about half empty[or half full]
Windows XP with SP2
On startup I get one continuous beep until windows is fully loaded together with all startup programs and occasional short beeps thereafter for about ten minutes.I also sometimes get a warning message reading as follows,,,"The Nvidia System Sentinel is reporting that the Nvidia powered graphics card is not receiving sufficient power.To protect your hardware from potential damage the graphics processor has lowered its performance to a level that allows continued safe operations"
It goes on to suggest I check that the supplementary power connector is attached.I have of course done so.Whether this warning appears or not there is no apparent difference in my system's performance.It is since this warning first appeared that I upgraded my PSU thinking that the 430 watt Antec Neo would be up to the job.
If I turn my computer off and re start within 10 to 15 minutes none of these problems occur and everything runs as sweet as pie.Perhaps I should just make it a drill to start my computer twice each time!
My main concern is that if I ignore these warnings my rig may sustain some damage.God, what a long winded old goat I am.
Here's hoping someone here may be able to help or reassure me.
Cheers all.