This guy keeps a Lion at bay with a roll of Toilet Paper!!

He is VERY LUCKY!! -- I dont think i could do it!

They say animals can sense fear and if thats true,maybe thats why the guy is OK :) (Maybe they didnt sense any from him)

Its acctually not that big a deal. Lions, despite how they may be shown on all the nature films while hunting are actually quite mellow creatures. The only time a lion is really agressive is when it is Hunting, under threat or defending young. Any other time they could really not give a rats ass. The Female lion is actually the agressive one when it comes to lions so i doubt that this would be able to be replicated on a female. All the males do is eat sleep and have sex really.

certain tribes in africa do this and grab hold of the lions tail for various rituals and traditions. The lion quite often does not give at rats ass so long as they are not a threat.

. All the males do is eat sleep and have sex really.

Like most human men :)

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i dunno about you but i do a bit more then that. Maybe ur justa lucky basterd