I've never worked with code for Video Games...Where do you start?

Ok ok your asking a bit of a mouthful there;

Do you know any languages at all yet?

Yes, I know C++ but still learning and the same goes for Java.

This should be good, so where do I start?


^^^it didn't?

it wouldn't of been much help if it did anyway, because you don't have access to the files.

I FOUND THIS: http://www.ascotti.org/programming/pie/pie.htm

Try that and post the source code if it works. I can't because I use public library computers and they have blocked downloads.

administrator restrictions will not let me post the main loop, SORRY!

you can't download it and try

Can't you just post a link to the source code, rather than keep pasting it into this thread?

i posted a link as well!


I deleted the source code posts, as they are un-workable in this format to someone who wants to work with them. Please either post the link where they can be found, or post the files as attachments for someone to grab.

Had you been trying to get your code corrected / bug squashed, then we could have looked at them.


or post the files as attachments for someone to grab

I'll do that next time!

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