Ill start with this one--


I think that i shouldnt ever see a poem quite as lovely as a tree. A tree that looks at god all day and realizes that in every way. Animals are all around and quite happily fly along the ground to let each and everyone know they are around.

in the morn

He who has the most things
when he dies wins!

i have always thought that this one is quite profound. it was written by carl sandberg.

choose. the single clenched fist lifted and ready. or open asking hand held out and waiting. choose for we meet by the one or the other.

There once was a lady from Ealing
Who had a peculiar feeling
She laid on her back.....
hmmm i think i should stop :D

oh, are we supposed to making them up?

err, yeah i tottally made that up, it doesn thave a rude ending, no,no. :D

When I sit here.
See and feel it all.
I remember just how far
I did fall.

When you said no
And I was told good bye
By your fleeting smile.
Now I'm here, getting high

On nothing that exsists.
Left me here alone
Never coming back
Is all I can moan.

Want another chance
To make it go right
Want another chance
To sleep next to you tonight.

there, off the top of me ol' head. and it rhymed. :)

Squirrel Shape

Little red squirrel small and neat
Where have you been on your little light feet
Lost in a forest your soft eyes agape
Living in a home that's not squirrel shape
Wrap your little nutkins safe and warm
Ready for the journey at tomorrows dawn
Make haste little squirrel and don't be late
Hurry to the woods to find your mate
There a den lined with down delicate
Soft and warm and squirrel shape.

Steamy love poem

Graceful curves trace my hand
Over sun-kissed tropic sand
All aglow in moons' blue milk
As delicate as pastel silk
Creamy down brushes lips
Ascending dunes of her hips
How I long to feel the tremble
Through my tender finger tips

Cattle Die,
Kindred Die,
Every man is mortal,
But one thing that never dies,
The glory of the great dead.

If nothing is a hole
A black nothing eats it all
All, but for your soul

Shave with cream, feel nice and clean.
Shave every day and you'll look keen.

Highly plagiarized redmarvel

Every bug you find so fast
is the last.

It's not my place to run the train,
The whistle I can't blow
It's not my place to say how far
The train's allowed to go
It's not my place to shoot off steam
Nor even clang the bell
But if the damn thing jumps the tracks
Then see who catches hell

(unknown author)

Dragon's Sorrow

A lifeless heart, withered and cold
A place for one, brother of the fold
In deepest depair without even the hope of lie
Sits the beaten one and clutching himself cries
Why? he asks the darkening gloom
Must I always fear the coming moon?
In sorrow and dread he stumbles alone
A lost and frighted icy soul without a home
With spreading of wings he takes to the sky
A burnished dot arising and espied
In blackest night he searches in vain
For the one who calls, whispering his name
Christopher Micheal Nelson

Copyright ©2006 Christopher Micheal Nelson

Sitting close within my sights,
my heart can feel you near,
another dream i wish i had,
wont you please come here?

my heart will softly cry for you,
can you hear the screams?
a love that i can never touch,
please dont waste my dreams.

all i want is simple love,
a chance to hold your hand,
a feeling as we touch our lips,
i shall be your man!

and if your heart is occupied,
let me know its true,
this love is for the greater good,
this love is all for you

Poetry is an art of writing using diction and figurative language to convey a message of power and emotion. Critics have often commented on the fact that unlike prose, poetry touches the the very depths of your soul. I couldn't agree more. Here are some of my contemporary works.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
In Soviet Russia,
Poem writes you!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Shut up noob,
Or I'll ban you

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
My ding-a-ling is big,
It touches my shoe.

iamthwee, your legs must be four inches long. What an affliction! I feel sorry for you!

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commented: "Four inches", why you are a little man lardmeister. Here's some rep to make you feel better. +11

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Shut up noob,
Or I'll ban you


and a BUUUURRRRNNNNN!! from lardy to Weeman :D

There was an old witch
Believe it if you can
She tapped on the windows
And she ran, ran, ran
She ran helter skelter
With her toes in the air
Corn stalks flying
Through the old witches hair
(stolen from redmarvel)