Just in time for the upcoming holidays, another silly poll. This time you are asked to let us know what your favorite musical instument is. Be honest and apolitical.

I love the piano and the guitar but the guitar is a lot more fun to listen to.

I used to play drums in 4th grade so i voted Drums :)

An oboe, but I like piano and violin too. Don't play any instruments

does anyone play drums because i play bass and really need to put drums in somthing i recorded

I play many instruments.

Mainly Guitar & Bass, both Electric & Acoutsic, but I also play Piano and some brass instruments.

My favourite to play solo is either Piano or Acoustic Guitar. But in a group, Brass wins all the way. So much Power & Volume without the need for electricity..

If i had the opportunity to learn any guitar, i would jump at the chance!
As such it's my 'favourite' instrument

learn then we can jam

Yes, I like to eat bass too :)

Caught quite a few nice bass about a week ago. Don't like to catch drum though :)

I play a good chunk of the aforementioned instruments. I love atmospheric, solo, non-pretentious piano jazz though. I could listen to that aaaawwll day.

>Guitars FTW.

Amen S.O.S.

I love to play the harmonica.

Bassists are usually hard to find - There seems to be a lot of us here!

my cousin and my dad play too

my facvorute bass song is "for whom the bell tolls" by metallica. Its good fun and fairly easy apart from intro/outro/solo

To bad there are only 10 choices maximum to give a poll at DaniWeb. I guess string instruments have to put under guitar. I like the viola.

No Violin here.

Looks like you have to put them under guitar (general for all string instruments).

Guitars, basses, violins, string instruments I love! ^_^

Most of my experience is with my electric guitars, with .12 gauges in C-standard, or .9 in B (yes that is hanging) while doing pinch harmonics.